cecile corbel《翔の悲しみ》指弹吉他谱

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cecile corbel《翔の悲しみ》指弹吉他谱歌词:
Sitting in the garden
  Walking on the road
  I feel so sad
  I fell alone
  I try to hide
  The way I feel inside
  Can’t you see the spark les in my eyes?
  Sadness and fear
  Are waiting ahead
  Wherever you’ll be
  I know we’ll be friends
  Would you be mine
  If I could melt your heart
  Would you see the sparkles in my eyes?
  I’ll be waiting for you
  I swear I’ll be waiting
  Come rain or come shine
  I will wait for you my friend
  I’ll be searching for you I swear
  Day and night I will wait
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